Rental Catalog

Use this page to help you plan your rentals or compare pricing. Please be cautious that you are comparing comparable items. Some companies price individual items and others price by rental group.

If you click on the picture you can see a more accurate portrayal of the item. Then click on the enlarged picture to close it.

Prices are subject to change and availability may be limited depending on other bookings. Please contact us for a final price as we need to determine that minimums are met and we’ll see if you qualify for free delivery!

If you don’t see items that you are interested in contact us as we are happy to help find any items you may need.


Beer Tumbler
Price: $ 0.45
Mason Jars
Price: $0.45
Water Goblets
Price: $0.45
Wine Glasses
Price: $0.45


Dessert/Salad- 7.5″ White
Price: $0.45
Dessert/Salad- 5″ Cut glass
Price: $0.45
Dessert/Salad- 6″ Clear glass
Price: $0.45
Dessert/Salad- 6″ Cut glass
Price: $0.45
Dessert/Salad- 8″ Clear Glass
Price: $0.45
Dinner Plate- Off white dotted and patterned
Price: $0.45
Dinner Plate- Clear Glass with raised rim
Price: $0.45
Price: $0.10/ea
Dinner Plate- White dotted
Price: $0.45


90″ x 132″ Rectangle Table Linen

These linens fit our six foot rectangular tables. White and Ivory only.

Price: $14.00

90″ x 156″ Rectangle Table Linen

Price: $18.00
Cloth napkins

17″ x 17″ cloth napkins. Listed colors are in stock. Other colors available.

Price: $0.60
120″ Table Linen
Price: $14.00
90″ Table Linen
Price: $12.00
132″ Table Linen
Price: $18.00


White Garden Chair
White Garden Chair
Price: $3.00


6 foot Rectangle table

6 foot by 30″ rectangular table

Price: $7.50
High Top Bistro
Price: $7.50


Cambro hot box

The Cambro hot box is great for keeping food warm when it has to held.

Price: $20.00
106 Qt. Cooler
Rental Price: $10.00 (ice not included)

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